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Diamond Auto 5 Alternating Pressure Overlay Mattress SWL: 160kg

Overlay Mattress

The Auto 5 Overlay is an intelligent, alternating-pressure-relief
support surface which employs a proprietary Auto-Adjusting
technology, used to automatically configure air pressure based
on patient weight, relieving caregivers of any manual setup
and assuring maximum comfort for the patients.

  • Transport mode by proprietary quick connector
  • Visual and audible alarm to notify of the abnormal situation
  • Vapour permeable, water resistant and fire retardant cover

Pressure Care Education

Pressure Care Safety Equipment

At Keystone Health Supplies, we understand the need for your staff to have a clear understanding of the safe and efficient use of your equipment.

Our range of pressure care solutions continues to develop as new technology hits the market. Stay up to date and get the most out of your pressure care solutions with our Pressure Care Product Training.

Keystone provides pressure care product training through training sessions either in-house or online. Our knowledgeable trainers will walk your staff through the steps necessary to become acquainted and confident with your equipment. This enhances both your facility’s level of patient care, and also prolongs the lifespan of your healthcare equipment.

With pressure ulcers and skin damage such a high-risk injury to patients, it’s important to ensure your staff are fully confident at the safe and effective use of your safety solutions.

It’s our focus to help our clients reduce injury by providing them with the resources and support they need to employ first-class pressure care initiatives. We can create a training program to meet the needs of your facility, its patients and its staff including:

  • Mattress audit and care instructions
  • Pressure ulcer prevention best practices
  • Product and technical training
  • Clinical and technical resources

Staff that are trained in proper product use find they can do their job faster, troubleshoot problems, and develop custom solutions with ease.

Pressure care product training not only saves your facility time and money, but also ensures your facility is in-line with all OH&S regulations and requirements.

Education and Training Guides

Please find a link to online guides for our pressure care mattresses below.

Our guides provide important safety information as well as a step-by-step process for the installation, set-up and use of each product.

In addition, Keystone Health Supplies offers equipment installation when you rent or buy from us. It’s our goal to make installing and using your healthcare equipment as easy as possible.

Alternating Pressure Care System

This intelligent system is a high quality and affordable mattress system suitable for treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. It employs auto-adjusting technology to assure maximum comfort and safety for patients.

Carilex Dual Pressure Mattress

This mattress provides both alternating and static modes via its digital microprocessor unit. Designed for high-risk patients or for treatment of patients with up to Stage 4 pressure ulcers, this unit features a waterproof, fire retardant and vapour-permeable covering.

Domus Overlay with Micro Airloss

This alternating air mattress is designed for medium to high-risk patients. It provides constant low pressure therapy and includes audio and visual alarms, micro low air loss and CPR facility.

Looking for a user manual for a different pressure care solution? Call us on 1300 547 877 to request support documentation for your equipment.

Why use Fall Prevention Product Training?

  • Give your staff the knowledge to operate equipment safely
  • Enhance your facility’s care standards for at-risk patients
  • Our team understand the needs of healthcare staff
  • Training available at your convenience in-house or online
  • We tailor our training to meet your needs
  • Add our training to your OH&S record
  • Full documentation provided for ongoing reference

How to Book a Training Session

Ready to book pressure care equipment training for your facility? Give us a call on 1300 547 877 to organise an education session for your staff. We offer flexible scheduling, with training available every weekday and some weekends upon request. Additionally, we come to you – no need to organise costly travel for your staff.

We are experienced at tailoring our training to meet the unique needs of your hospital or care facility. Training is available for groups both large and small. Contact us today!

Domus Overlay with Micro Airloss SWL: 40-150kg

Domus 3 is an effective alternating overlay/replacement system combined with static therapy mode. By having a series of individual cells inflate and deflate alternatively over a ten- minute cycle, patients receive their adequate pressure relief. The system can be switched to a static therapy mode to reduce the pressure at the interface by means of immersion. It will also be easier to facilitate all kinds of nursing procedures including dressing changes and patient re positioning at static mode. With clear weight indicator reference dial adjustment, Domus 3 is easy to use and is recommended for patients at risk of pressure injuries.

TheraFlo True Low Airloss SWL: up to 450kg

The Carilex TheraFlo AP is a True Low Air Loss therapy mattress replacement system designed to
facilitate blood circulation and provide maximum body tissue redistribution for treating and preventing
pressure ulcer from stage Ito IV. It is the ideal therapy system, which uses state-of-the-art
technology not found in competing products. The TheraFio AP system can support patients up to 450kg
while staying at a low noise level for superior sleeping quality.

Static Mode
Blower base True Low Air
Loss technology provides maximum pressure redistribution, prevents and treats pressure ulcer up to
stage IV. The pressure redistribution mattress also encourages excellent skin moisture

Alternating Mode
• Imitate the normal body
movement in response to pressure
• Varies the supporting points under the body
• Stimulates blood flow, which may promote wound healing

Pulsation Mode
Aids in the increase of
capillary blood flow and lymph flow
• Helps to increase oxygen­-ation to wound tissue which help improves wound healing
• Helps reduce pain
• Helps reduce edema

Dual Plus Full Replacement Mattress SWL: up to 200kg

The Carilex DualPlus is an intelligent pressure relief anti-decubitus mattress replacement system that
provides both alternating and static modes with a microprocessor driven digital power unit. It is the idea
therapy system with Upright and Firm modes for different positions and treatment purposes to suit high
risk patients who demand pressure ulcer prevention or treatment up to stage IV. This system is made
with the highest quality material, which is durable and reliable for acute care, hospital, including ICU environment, nursing home and home care.

Weight Capacity – For patients up to 200KG

Pillow Functions – Head Zone comprised of three static air cells for patient comfort.