Healthcare Equipment Maintenance and Repair

“Helping you maximise the lifespan of your investment”

At Keystone Health Supplies, we understand the importance of having your equipment operating safely and kept in optimal condition. Our technicians are specialists in healthcare equipment technology, and can provide regular servicing and repairs of all major healthcare safety products – even those we don’t sell, including ventilators.

Our repair and maintenance programs are designed with a focus on convenience. We give our customers peace of mind knowing that their equipment is properly maintained and adheres to Australian safety standards at all times.

We keep a wide range of spare parts in stock, so we can perform all maintenance and repairs quickly. As part of our commitment to quality service, we strive for our customers to experience a smooth process with minimal downtime for their equipment.

Simply put, we give you peace of mind that your equipment works as it should, has an optimal lifespan, and complies with Australian legislative requirements.

Ask us about our:

Preventative Maintenance Program

Whether you rent or buy, the quality of your equipment is vital to optimising patient care. Our Preventative Maintenance Program lets you rest assured your equipment is looked after without the headaches of cleaning and maintaining it yourself.

We offer a full service maintenance program that helps our clients avoid the hassle and expense of costly breakdowns. Our friendly team will periodically visit your facility and pick up the equipment scheduled for maintenance, perform all necessary cleaning and repairs, as well as return it to your facility within days.

Mattress Audits

Are your facility’s mattresses providing your patients with an optimal therapeutic benefit?

It’s estimated that the lifespan of the average household mattress is 7 years. But with the constant use and cleaning of hospital or care mattresses, this lifespan can be severely reduced. When this happens, patient comfort is compromised when they need it the most.

Our mattress audit will review each mattress and identify how much quality use is remaining, highlight areas that need maintenance, and provide advice on prolonging your investment’s value for as long as reasonably possible.

When necessary, we can also recommend the right mattress to replace your worn out ones, which can help you budget for future expenditure.

Why Choose Keystone?

Keystone takes pride in the performance of its team and its complete dedication to achieving the maximum possible performance of our customers’ equipment.

  • ‘Hands-off’ service – we pick up, launder, repair, return, and reinstall equipment for you.
  • Reduced downtime and maximised lifespan of your equipment.
  • Fast and easy online booking through our VRM Online Portal 24/7.
  • All equipment complies with Australian regulatory requirements.
  • We service and repair all equipment – even products we don’t sell.
  • Our service plans are tailored to meet the needs of your facility.
  • Enjoy peace of mind your equipment is safe and up-to-code.

How to Book a Service or Repair

Our online portal allows quick and easy booking for all your maintenance needs. Simply log into your account and book at your convenience 24/7.

Want to establish a regular servicing schedule? Speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable support team. We’ll assess your needs and work out a suitable maintenance schedule that keeps you legally compliant and helps you maximise the lifetime value of your equipment.