Falls Prevention Equipment Training

Empowering your staff to provide enhanced patient care

At Keystone Health Supplies, it’s our priority to help you maximise the use of your equipment. Training on the proper use of our safety products not only means better outcomes for your patients, but it also helps promote a longer lifespan for these assets. That’s why we provide in-facility training for all of our fall prevention solutions.

Our professional training assists your staff to operate our products in a safe and efficient manner. Our team are specialists in both the equipment itself, and their varying situations of use.

Sometimes, busy staff can overlook a feature or function that can help make their job – and their patient’s comfort – better. By undergoing training on proper use of their healthcare equipment, staff gain confidence in knowing they’re using these products at an optimal level.

Staff that are trained in proper equipment use also find that they can do their job faster, as well as troubleshoot problems more effectively, coming up with custom solutions when required.

Enhance Your OH&S Program

Fall prevention product training not only saves your facility time and money, but also evidences your facility’s commitment to Occupational Health & Safety.

After completing training with us, we can provide you with a certificate of completion to be added to your OH&S record, proving your facility is proactive in keeping in-line with Australian OH&S regulations and requirements.

Why Use Fall Prevention Product Training?

  • Empower your staff with specialised product knowledge
  • Full use of your equipment facilitates enhance patient care
  • Our team are experts in using our products in a healthcare setting
  • Training available in-house or online at your convenience
  • We cater sessions to meet your facility’s needs and schedule
  • Full documentation provided for your staff to reference
  • Hands-on training means higher knowledge retention rate
  • Add our training to your OH&S record

Education and Training Guides

Please browse our online equipment guides below. Our documents will help you understand each of the products available at Keystone Health Supplies, and show how they’re used in a care setting.

Our guides provide a step-by-step process for the set-up and installation of the product.  They also include documents that show how to customise different solutions for each unique patient and environment.

Proximate Standard

The proximate nurse call system is a fall monitor system that alerts staff when a patient is attempting to move about unsupervised. It’s an industry leading product that has been adopted as the system of choice in a number of major hospitals, aged care facilities and private care establishments.

Proximate Pro

The Proximate Pro is a fall and wandering monitor system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a busy Acute or Sub Acute Rehabilitation unit. Particularly useful for dementia patients, this system quickly becomes indispensable wherever it is employed.

Looking for a different user guide? Call us on 1300 547 877 to request documentation for your equipment.

Installation and Setup

In addition to our training and product documentation, Keystone offers equipment installation as part of your rental or purchase from us. We’re here to make installing and using your equipment a hassle-free experience.

How to Book a Training Session

Booking your fall prevention equipment training is easy. Simply call us on 1300 547 877 to organise an education session at your facility on a date that is convenient to you.

We’ll talk to you about your facility’s needs, the types of patient and equipment in your care, and tailor a training that is best suited to your healthcare needs. No group is too large or too small!