Fall Prevention Safety Equipment

Specialised healthcare equipment promoting patient safety

Falls within a care or home setting are one the largest causes of harm for the elderly population. But it’s not just the elderly who are in danger of a fall. They can occur at any age and in any setting, and are a leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions in Australia.
Healthcare facilities face an ever-increasing challenge to provide a safe and comfortable environment to both carers and patients alike. Falls can happen quickly in a variety of situations – when patients become restless or distressed about their condition, try to mobilise unaided, or simply lose their balance at the edge of the bed.

A fall can cause significant injury, further hindering a patient’s healing process. Broken hips, legs, arms, and collarbones add weeks of painful and expensive additional care to people who already have their health compromised. At worst, additional injuries caused by falls can lead to a patient’s permanent disability or even death.

With this in mind, it’s incredibly important for patients to be supported at all times – both for their own protection, and also to protect healthcare facilities from possible legal ramifications. Australia’s National Safety and Quality Health Standards state that effective management of falls should be implemented by using equipment to prevent injury to patients at risk.

At Keystone Health Supplies, we recognise the importance of fall prevention equipment in healthcare settings to reduce injury, minimise expenses, and protect against litigation. Our range of fall prevention solutions offers uncompromising patient care.

Fall Prevention Solutions

Fall Alarms

Bed and chair alarms alert carers or nursing staff to the movement of patients – before the fall occurs. Using this technology with patients who are at risk of a fall can greatly reduce the likelihood of this type of injury.

These alarms also help caregivers manage their workload while still delivering excellent patient care. They act as a vigilant observer; alerting nurses to attend the patient after potentially dangerous movements are registered.

Benefits of our fall alarms include:

Detection of early patient movement
Usable on beds, chairs, and on pressure relieving devices
Durable enough to withstand hospital cleaning regimens
Multiple monitoring with a dedicated paging system to reduce alarm fatigue
Australian made with a 2 year Manufacturers Warranty

Roll-Out Solutions

Coming from home to a hospital bed can be disorientating and a big change for patients. Roll-out solutions provide a secure and supportive environment while the patient is sleeping by helping to define the boundaries of sleeping arrangements.

Low Lying Beds

Low lying beds reduce the potential for injury if a fall was to occur. Patients who are at the risk of falling are protected from a heavy impact simply because of the reduced distance to the floor.

The difference between 10cms and one metre can mean the difference between a small fright and a broken pelvis. On a low lying bed, the gap from the bed to the floor is minimal, offering patients safety and dignity.

Our beds can be raised for administering care at the touch of a button, and can even be tilted to help patients get on and off the bed when needed.

Keystone’s low lying beds are part of our total solution for managing people at risk of a fall. They come standard with an electric backrest, knee bend, high & low and tilt function, control panel, and can be easily folded for transportation.


Our fall prevention solutions offer a range of benefits for hospitals, aged care facilities and private homes requiring enhanced patient care:

• Preserving patients safety and dignity
• Quickly alerting staff with actionable information
• Documenting intervention data to help improve processes
• Helping busy staff prioritise patient duties
• Using highest quality materials and workmanship
• Reducing risk of injury-related litigation

Important Fall Prevention Information:

Standard 10: Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls. 2 | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

How to Book Fall Prevention Equipment

Keystone Health Supplies offer affordable and convenient solutions for our fall prevention solutions. Whether you’re a hospital, small facility, or private home, we can match our equipment to meet your needs.

Simply get in touch with us on 1300 547 877 for an obligation-free discussion. Our highly experienced staff will assess your facility’s needs and organise a tailored solution to meet your requirements.

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