Falls Prevention Solutions

Falls Prevention Solutions that Enhance Patient Care.

Falls within a care or home setting are one the largest causes of harm in Australia for the elderly population and are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions.  The use of fall prevention solutions is increasingly important in a day to day setting to reduce injury and support those people at risk of a fall.

  • Falls Alarms: Bed and Chair alarms alert carers/nursing staff to movement of patients – before the fall occurs. By using falls alarms technology on patients who have been deemed a falls risk can greatly reduce the likelihood of a fall.
  • Roll Out Solutions: Often coming from home to a hospital bed can be disorientating and a big change for patients. Roll out solutions provide a secure and supportive environment while the patient is sleeping by helping to define the boundaries of sleeping arrangements.
  • Low Lying Beds: Low lying beds reduce the potential for injury if a fall was to occur. These beds are important part of the total solution of managing people at risk of a fall.

Important Falls Prevention Information:

Standard 10: Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls. 2 | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

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