Healthcare Safety Equipment Sales

“Injury prevention solutions to enhance patient wellbeing”

Keystone Health Supplies is dedicated to bringing the best in medical equipment to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We strive to always offer the very best technological innovations which enhance patient health and ease the burden on medical personnel.

Our products are optimised for excellent infection control, durability, enhanced ergonomics, patient comfort, safety, and ease of use. They promote effective risk management that gives you peace of mind that your patients are getting the best care – even when unattended.

Whether you’re looking to furnish a hospital, aged care facility, or just need some equipment for in-home patient care, we have the equipment to match your needs and budget.

Why Choose Keystone?

Over the last decade, we’ve established strong relationships with the best suppliers of healthcare injury prevention equipment. Our products range from bariatric beds, to pressure mattresses, nurse call alarms and more. Whatever your patient and facility’s needs, if we don’t have it, we can source it!

Our co-ordinated approach means we deliver everything on time and to specification. We stick around to install your equipment and show your staff how to use it. For your complete peace of mind, our products all come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Getting the right safety equipment for your healthcare facility shouldn’t be a one-size-fits all solution. At Keystone, we work closely with our clients to make sure we meet your specific patient needs, business goals, and budget.

Benefits of Buying from Us

Keystone Health Supplies are quickly becoming Australia’s first choice for injury prevention equipment. We offer:

  • Innovative technology at competitive prices
  • 24/7 customer hotline – call us anytime!
  • All products come with detailed usage instructions
  • We deliver and install all equipment for you
  • Full training provided for your facility’s staff
  • Our equipment is OH&S compliant
  • Rental agreements available to ‘try before you buy’
  • Annual testing and refurbishing to lengthen the lifespan of each asset
  • Equipment servicing and repair available – even for products we don’t sell!
  • Our knowledgeable staff have personal experience in the healthcare industry

Additionally, our after-sale support is second-to-none. Our Preventative Maintenance Program ensures that your products are maintained and tested in accordance with Australian safety standards. We also help you maximise your investment by looking after the repairs and cleaning of all products, keeping them in line with manufacturers and organisational standards while prolonging their lifespan.

How to Find Out More

At Keystone, we have firsthand knowledge of the demands facing staff and management in hospitals and care facilities. We pride ourselves on our ability to match our clients with equipment perfect for their needs while working within budgets both large and small.

Call us today on 1300 547 877 to find out how Keystone Healthcare Supplies can provide injury prevention solutions for your healthcare facility.