Pressure Care

Pressure Care Solutions for supporting and preventing skin injuries. A key goal of care and hospital settings it to eradicate the occurrence of pressure based injuries. Most commonly occurring in acute or aged care settings,  a pressure based injury can lead to serious and permanent disabilities, or as a result in extreme cases death.

Nurses, OT’s and physiotherapists are at the forefront of developing the clinical guidelines and prevention strategies required to ensure optimal patient care. These guidelines should include day to day practices and outline the additional Pressure Care Solutions that should be used.

Pressure Care Solutions

  • In-bed Support: Foam and alternating air pressure mattresses support the prevention and treatment of pressure based ulcers and injuries. By reducing the pressure on the patient’s body, they act to mimic the natural movement of the body that would relieve pressure naturally. In addition, they enhance
  • Out-of-bed Support: It’s not only while the patient is sleeping or in bed that pressure relief is required. Patients are just as at risk if sitting for long periods of time. Air Alternating, pressure relief cushions and targeted area relief options are an important part of an overall solution.

Important Pressure Care Prevention Information:

Standard 8: Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.


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