Pressure Care Equipment for Healthcare Providers

Helping support and prevent patient skin injuries

Despite many advances in pressure injury prevention solutions, pressure injuries still affect a large percentage of patients in care environments.

The overwhelming majority of these injuries can be prevented with the right equipment. Pressure sores occur when constant pressure or friction damages the skin. The elderly are particularly susceptible to this type of injury, although it can occur in anyone who is confined to bed for prolonged periods of time. Pressure injuries are painful, negatively affecting a patient’s wellbeing and recovery. At their worst, they can cause permanent disability or even death.
Pressure sores can develop quickly in people with reduced mobility, can be difficult to treat, and can exacerbate the risk of infection particularly in patients with compromised immune systems. To avoid pressure injuries and the serious complications that can arise from them, it’s important for care providers to offer the right pressure care solutions to keep patients safe and comfortable.

Keystone Health Solutions offer a range of flexible and effective pressure care solutions. We provide both in-bed and in-chair support for patients of all ages and sizes.

In-Bed Support

Our foam and alternating air pressure mattresses support the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. They work by reducing the pressure on the patient’s body, acting to mimic the natural movement of the body that would occur to relieve pressure naturally in an able bodied person.

Keystone’s mattresses can operate both manually and on an automatic schedule, so healthcare providers can trust that their patients are taken care of – even when they cannot attend to them for any period of time.

Our in-bed support offers supportive care for patients of all shapes and sizes including bariatric patients.

In-Chair Support

Pressure relief is required when the patient is both awake and asleep. Even while sitting, patients still need to move periodically to reduce their risk of pressure ulcers and sores. Our out-of-bed support cushions can be used in chairs to provide periodic relief to targeted areas.

They use controlled air to change the pressure on lower limbs, thus reducing their risk of developing a pressure injury.

Our in-bed and in-chair equipment act as an overall pressure solution that keeps your patients as safe and comfortable as possible.

Make Pressure Care A Priority

Issues such as obesity and our ageing population are all adding to the prevalence of pressure ulcers and sores in our hospitals and care facilities. Through the science and innovation of pressure care equipment, facility managers can see a reduction in pressure wounds, resulting in better patient care and reduced additional care costs.

Important Pressure Care Prevention Information:

Standard 8: Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Why Choose Keystone?

Our mattresses are designed to enhance both patient and staff wellbeing
Easily change a patient’s posture with the press of a button
Perform nursing procedures such as dressing changes with no lifting or moving
Switch between modes that automatically cycle your patient’s weight
State-of-the-art mattress coverings reduce risk of infection
Full cleaning and refurbishing services available
Rent or buy with our flexible payment solutions
24/7 customer care hotline
Convenient delivery and installation of all equipment
Full training offered for your staff on the safe use of all our equipment

What To Do Next

If you’re looking for pressure care solutions for your hospital, nursing home, or private facility, the team at Keystone Health Solutions are here to help.

Give us a call on 1300 547 877 to discuss the right options for your facility. Our friendly team are able to advise you on the right equipment for your patients’ needs.

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