Making Healthcare Equipment Rentals Easy. Keystone Healthcare Supplies is a leader in Health Equipment Rentals and provides a 24/7 online booking service and 7-day a week delivery service.

Experienced Customer Service Agents install and provide training on all equipment that is delivered.  Once equipment is no longer needed, they collect and return it to our location for decontamination and re-testing.

This process has allowed KHS to continuously service customers from the largest hospitals to boutique Aged Care facilities and private residents.

Clients will benefit from our Healthcare Equipment Rentals by:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reduced workload on staff
  • Reduced manual handling and improvements in OH&S
  • Increased workplace efficiencies
  • Spread your expenses and managing budgets
  • Continually building a wide product selection through access to our extensive portfolio of clinically proven products
  • Access to our market leading equipment rental management systems (VRM Online) which allows you to order, transfer, cancel and track equipment within your facility in real-time.
  • Complete cleaning and decontamination services in accordance with National cleaning guidelines
  • Timely equipment delivery, installation and set-up allowing your staff to focus on the patients.
  • Online access to infection control and electrical testing

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Important Healthcare Equipment Rentals Information:

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